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My sisters and I had what seemed to be a normal up bringing in Southwestern, Ohio to a set of parents who were regular too. Both were immigrants from Germany. Only one of whom knew that she was part Jewish. Two of their three children were born with Late Onset Tay-Sachs disease. One was diagnosed at sixteen and the other - the youngest - at 28.

I - the latest born - was found to be bipolar as well. I have been in two different nursing homes for my Manic-Depression. Medications took their time to work. Then after almost five years and two different places to live, the meds and occasions in life helped to make me feel more usual.

I have been in two different nursing homes for my Manic-Depression.

I fell down quite a bit even with my walker due to the affects of the Tay-Sachs and I am forced to wear a helmet because of it. Lately, I have not lost my balance because of my rambler and it. But I still must take medication that keeps me stable, mentally, even though, physically, there is little to help me.

Tay-Sachs is physical mainly, but mental too in 60% of the late onset cases similar to mine. Mentally and physically I must be very careful to avoid falling from my walker.

I am forced to wear a helmet....

As a friend said to me, “…three out of four people is mentally ill and the last one hides it well.”

Now, I am on my way to live in a home for the disabled but healthy. I will remember to take the pills that keep me typical for they are very important; as well as seeing a psychiatrist once a month.

Karin Schroth

To learn more about Karin, please visit www.caringbridge.org/visit/karinschroth


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